Oxbow is fully committed to a policy of recycling and renewable / eco energy wherever possible. Our Solar/ Inverter Solutions division uses Eskom certified installers to provide a professional analysis of your electricity spend, and offers an energy reducing alternative. We specialise in the refitting of energy reducing lights, solar energy, and alternate heating solutions.

Small Office - Home Solar / Inverter Products


Home Inverters

5kVA Inverter

– 5.7kWh battery included,
expandable to 34,2kWh
– UPS ability
– 10 year warranty
– Intelligent online
– Solar can be added
if required

600mm x 250mm x 1215mm

Solar Panels



– 10 x 545w
solar panel package

2280mm x 1140mm x 35mm

Additional Battery​


– 5.7kWh battery for added

600mm x 600mm x 250mm

Our full offering includes a needs analysis and refitting of energy reducing technology. Our professional service includes full electrical compliance and a fire and safety certificate. We have successfully implemented solutions where our customers have enjoyed up to 60 percent savings on electricity bills, which we provide on an easy to accept rental option.

Our off-balance sheet rental option means that you can install new energy reducing lights with no upfront costs, and this cost is mostly covered by the savings from the reduced electricity bill.

Our easy to accept finance options include insurance and guaranteed warranty for the full duration of the contract.

Our guaranteed saving policy states that if you do not receive a saving during the first six months of installation, we will cancel the contract and revert to original status. That is how successful this offering is in the market. With electricity charges increasing between 15- and 30 percent per annum, there is no better time to explore our Solar/ Inverter Solutions.

Discover Your Energy Solution:

Solar Solutions


Smart Energy

Complete power solution, combining the power and reliability of inverter manufacturers with the flexibility and longevity of state-of-the-art Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

Self Sufficient

The system is connected to a photo-voltaic power generation system to ensure that the 24-hour home energy supply is self-sufficient and can be managed from your cell phone.

Intelligent Control

The integrated Cloud platform is built for real-time network monitoring and management, it supports remote controlling, on/ off grid identification and complete automatic switching.