White Range

Slim Roll Paper Dispenser

Lockable, eliminates paper theft. Automatic mechanical cutting provides effortless dispensing with low pull force and fewer tab-outs. No Touch performance for optimum user hygiene without batteries. Stub roll features with Automatic Transfer Roll System prevents run-outs and waste. Dispenses precut hand towels, controls paper consumption. Has an emergency feed button, paper can always be dispensed.

Hand Dryer

Fully automatic – dryer is activated by an infrared sensor. Maintenance free motor, capacitor initiated for quick starts. Vandal Proof. Industrial – Suitable for high traffic washrooms. Power cut off – automatically after 90 seconds. 2500 Watt hand dryer Nozzle can revolve 360 degrees for face and hand drying. Blowing speed 270m³/h. Air Speed 30m/s.

Wall Mounted Waste Care Bin

Keeps the washrooms presentable and free from paper waste on the floors. 40L Capacity. Wall mounted. Available in white ABS Plastic.

Micro-burst Air Fresheners

Microburst 3000 Aerosol System is a compact odour control aerosol system, which delivers three times more odour neutralising fragrance with each spray than ordinary refills.

Auto Sanitiser

The autosanitiser automatically dispenses measured doses of a powerful cleaning and  hygiene solution, cleaning both visible surfaces and out-of-sight areas like pipes and drains, keeping toilets and urinals clean, fresh, and presentable.

Sanitary Bin

Slim line design – reduces height and allows the bin to fit comfortably into any cubicle for easy access without restricting space. Smooth, ridge-free design is easy to wipe down and does not collect dust. Hands Free, foot pedal operation, limits direct contact with the bin. Front opening. Flute chute prevents waste from sticking to the surface.

Flex Manual System Liquid / Foam

FLex™ offers a perfect balance of quality, cost, and low environmental impact, featuring foam or liquid refills in one manual dispenser.

Duel Toilet Roll Holder

Lockable / Vandal proof. Economical and durable. Dual roll for Moderate Traffic washrooms. It includes a lock system with standard key that allows opening for replenishment.


Lockable / Vandal proof. Spare roll capacity, peace of mind. Economical and durable. 3 Roll for Moderate Traffic washrooms. It includes a lock system with standard key that allows opening the lid for replenishment. Frontal sight-holes indicate refill time. There is no need to open the lid for the removal of empty rolls.